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About Us
A quick guide to Access to Advice.

Join Us

One key aim of the Hart Access to Advice Project is to reach out to local community organisations (voluntary groups, parish and town councils, and charities) to support them to make access to advice easier for Hart residents wherever they live.

We want to hear from any group who would be interested in:

  • Holding regular advice sessions for clients or members.
  • Recruitment of a dedicated information assistant volunteer to work with their clients or members. This volunteer could be managed by the group or by Hart CAB, whichever is easier.
  • Training for the staff or volunteers on any aspect of how to find out information for others in areas such as benefits, debt, housing and employment.
  • Training for children and young people to raise awareness about money issues using resources specifically aimed at different age groups.
  • Appointments with the CAB to work with individual clients or members where they live using the "Pop-up Bureau".

Why Join Us?

  • To help us get a clearer picture of the advice needs of Hart residents.
  • To help us make more people aware of how they can help themselves to find the advice they need.
  • To equip community groups with volunteers and training that they can use with their clients.

Still Interested?

To find out more, please call Jo Francis on 01252 878435 or complete the form below: